Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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This Striking New Shoot Captured All of Cairo's Vibrance For Jude Benhalim's New Collection

For the capsule collection of jewellery 'Urban Vibrance', CairoZoom conjures up all of the city's boldness.

Staff Writer

Escaping the city can be therapeutic and often times even necessary, but coming home to a busy, buzzing vibrant Cairo can also be one of the most satisfying feelings for any city girl or boy. It's that bold feeling of belonging and being at your most fabulous self.

Our sister magazine CairoZoom's Zoom Fashion recently captured that feeling for Jude Benhalim’s Urban Vibrance capsule collection shoot. Shot by photographer and art director Malak El Sawi, the photos not only show show off the boldness of the jewellery pieces themselves, but are each stand-alone pieces of art. 

Modelling for the shoot was renowned makeup artist Chanel Arif who wears the 80s-inspired sterling silver pieces in a colourful shoot that embraces the confidence a vibrant city brings. Benhalim’s new collection juxtaposes her original Urban Rebel collection, which made it onto Vogue Italia, with a bold and bright aesthetic, accompanied by stunning Arabic calligraphy. CairoZoom’s very own photographer and art director Malak El Sawi shares, “We chose a colourful monotony to compliment and highlight the vibrancy of Jude’s new collection while the lurid colours' contrast against the city’s skyline along with our model’s stark aesthetic stayed true to the essence of the original collection, Urban Rebel”. 

Check out the shoot below.