Sunday October 1st, 2023
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This Egyptian Luxury Brand Infuses Handmade Jewellery with Galaxies and Clouds

Fall here we come, with gorgeous rings made out of wood and resin.

Staff Writer

Every true fashionista knows that accessories are what make or break any outfit. However, while we usually tend to automatically go for the jewellery with a little more bling (because you know a little gold and shine never hurt anybody), every so often we like cranking things up a notch. With Chiara Ocean Jewelry, we've found the right kind of balance between hippy-chic and fab. 

Chiara Ocean Jewelry is a handmade luxury brand which boasts a collection of rings, necklaces and even keychains, made of resin and wood. And they're gorgeous. Encrusting their necklaces with a whole lot of colours including gold, the brand names its pieces after natural elements. Ever worn a cloud on your finger? Ever wanted to? Well, now you can. Or why not go all out and get yourself one of their galaxy rings because why stop at the clouds when you can go further?

Not only do we feel closer to mother earth wearing these babies, but they can be worn for any occasion, as a statement piece, for a casual day out - the sky is the limit. Well, in this case, the galaxy's the limit.

Fun fact: Plants produce resins when injured.

Check out some of their pieces below:

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All images taken from Chiara Ocean Jewelry.