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This New Egyptian Theatre Company Is Trying to Be (Or Not to Be) Freed From Hamlet

Independent theatre company Aallam Moazi is presenting 'The Danish Experience Play' on the 28th, 29th, and 30th of August where the protagonist is stuck as Hamlet.

Theatre geeks, where you at? We’ve summoned you for one performance you’re not going to want to miss. Ever heard of Hamlet? Well, Aallam Moazi (Parallel Universe), an independent theatre company, will be presenting their own spin on it through their play 'The Danish Experience Play' on the 28th, 29th, and 30th of August at El Falaky Theatre.

What would you do if you auditioned for the role of Hamlet and you and him became one and the same? This is the literal case of Karim, the protagonist of the play, who after auditioning for the role of Hamlet against the will of his parents cannot separate himself from the character's persona. Literally. Does this mean Karim will have to live with a dual personality for the rest of his life? Or will the cast find a way to reverse this strange occurrence?

Co-founder of Aallam Moazi Nancy Alam ElDeen tells us, "This play includes 30 actors, all of them fresh faces. The play was the director’s idea. However, the script was written in an improvisation workshop”. 

Except despite the fact that many innovative and creative ideas like that of this play exist in the theatre, more attention and praise is given to the Egyptian cinema, leaving actors in the theatre under-appreciated and undervalued. Alam ElDeen also adds, "I want to give more opportunities to young actors. There needs to be a renaissance for the Egyptian theatre. And if this play has a good turn up, then we’ll be able to produce even more plays in the future.” 

So, if you’re interested in watching this play within a play within a play, then hit up your Hamlet homies and head over there this Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Check out their Facebook event here and their Instagram page here for more information.