Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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This New Sahel Beach Bar is Set to Be The Season's Hottest Hangout Spot

Danos Beach Bar brings together the best of the Mediterranean: Greek food, day drinking, a pristine beach, and all-night partying.

Staff Writer

When Sahel gets monotonous and everything starts to look, feel, and taste the same, that's when we know go out to scout for more. It's the same story every summer. On July 6th however, our refined senses and our yearning for a fresh take on the Mediterranean led us to a little place we now like to call Little Greece. 

Greek chefs, check. Pristine shoreline, double check. Best part is, we can get to live it up in this "Little Greece" any day of the week (with no minimum charge on weekdays!). And all to tunes by some serious kickass DJs with carefully selected sets for the daytime and for your all-nighters. Everything Sahel has to offer, EVERYTHING, is in Danos Beach Bar in Haciendas. But in Greek. It's even got everything we love about summer right there in the name; beach and bar! The Greek-themed all-day hangout spot is the embodiment of everything Mediterranean. Here's how it works: You wake up late, rested and relaxed. Get to Danos Beach Bar by 1 PM. Feast on Greek delicacies, and everything you can think of from the bar. And because it is the Mediterranean, you siesta on the beach or by the swimming lagoon. Resume cocktail-ing, rinse (it is on the beach after all) and repeat. Till the wee hours of the morning!

So whether you're looking to have lunch, take a dip, shake a hip, or even go to an afterparty, Danos is the place to be at.

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