Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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This Parody Video of Egyptian Ramadan TV Will Leave You in Stitches

From laughably lengthy commercial breaks, to cheap soapie dramas, Peace Cake Productions' latest parody video is ON POINT.

Staff Writer

Peace Cake Productions, or as we like to call them the SNL of Egypt’s cyberspace, just released a skit parodying Egyptian TV in Ramadan and it is so on point we can’t even tell the difference.

The video begins with the short title sequence of El 3eshq El Mafshoo5, an imaginary Ramadan series or mosalsal and from then on, it is 2 minutes worth of hilarity, side-splitting commercial breaks, and cheap soapie drama that perfectly imitate real life Ramadan TV.Peace Cake does not sell itself short with this parody, perfectly depicting the length and content of commercial breaks that, more often than not, occupy more time than our favourite mosalsals, with ads like Porto Marikh and a bobble-head Messi endorsing Koshary Abu Tarek.

Check out their epic take down of last year's Ramadan TV!