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'This is Egypt' Wins Best Tourism Promotional Video in The Middle East

Beating subscriptions from 63 other countries at Friday's general assembly of World Tourism Organization.

At the World Tourism Organization's General Assembly on Friday, the 'This is Egypt' tourism promotion video was announced as the winner of the best tourism promotional video in the Middle East, Shorouk News reports.

Tourism Minister Yehya Rashed Recieving the Prize/ Shorouk News

In attendance of 130 member countries in the World Tourism Organization, the promotional video was announced the winner after going against videos from 63 other countries.

The prize was received by Egypt's tourism minister Yehya Rashed, who further announced that the Egyptian government is working towards restoring tourism level to its normal rates.

World Tourism Organization (WTO) was established in 1975 by the UN in an effort to promote sustainable and universally accessible tourism. It currently has 156 member countries.