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This is it!

There are several epic events that have happened over the years of our great nation.

In 1869 after 10 years of construction we opened the gateway of the Suez Canal.

In 1952  the Egyptian revolution abolished the constitutional monarchy and established the republic.

In 6th October 1973 we regained the occupation of Sinai from Israel.

On January 25th President Hosni Mubarak was overthrown in the revolution.

But now there is one more line to be added to the history books because on  Thursday 18th October 2012 Michael Jackson is coming to Tamarai! No Tamarai will not be digging up the corpse of the deceased legend. That would be sick and exhumation is not really Tamarai’s forte. However, there is a man coming over. A man who has dedicated his very being to duplicating and impersonating Michal Jackson’s every single idiosyncrasy down to a T. From the legends style, his voice and his every movement. This guy has even undertaken hundreds of hours of plastic surgery to essentially become Michael Jackson, maybe even his balls, I wouldn’t know. Ladies and gents: I give you Earnest Valentino, the only officially recognised Michael Jackson-impersonator worldwide, certified by the man himself in 1988!


What a fucking hero, that takes commitment. I hope one day I’m as much of a legend that someone dedicates their life to becoming Wally. I would teach him how to be awkward, over-analyze other human’s behavior and cry a lot.

Tamarai gave me his number in Germany where he is currently preforming and asked me undertake an interview with the man himself.  I am usually bewildered by such tasks and it makes me take a step back and analyze my life and what has become of it. Nevertheless, I agreed to partake in this absolute madness. So me and Timmy smoked a joint, called Mr. Earnest Valentino and here is what went down.

Listen to the interview below (his voice is INSANE):