Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Three Egyptian Men Sentenced in the 2015 North Coast Rape Case

One of the defendents has been senrenced to 15 years imrisonment, while the other two have been handed lfie sentences.

Cairo Scene

Three Egyptian men have been found guilty of raping a woman in the North Coast in 2015. Cairo Criminal Court has sentenced Amir Zayed to 15 years imprisonment, while Sherif El Komi and Youssef Kora have been handed life sentences.

According to the Public Prosecution, the victim accompanied one of the defendants to a compound on the North Coast. The victim’s testimony, as well as that of six witnesses, states that she was drugged before being assaulted. The case came to light as a part of the Fairmont rape incident, after a video of the North Coast assault was presented to the Public Prosecution as evidence against two of the accused in the Fairmont case.