Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Tie Dye Now

Hippies, hipsters and droppers of acid can now look the part, as a new Egyptian label is creating all sorts of technicolour swirls...

Staff Writer

Rejoice hippies! You no longer have to quote EliteDaily.com to come off as spiritual! Do you remember all those times you told your friends you meditate (even though you can't tell your chakra from your shakhra) or when you were all like, ooooh, man, I wish I was born in the 60's, (even though 400,000 Vietnamese people were mascaraed despite Americans using flowers as gun tampons)? Well, no need for the bullshit because a revolutionary new Egyptian company (Facebook page) is introducing Tie Dye t-shirts into the country.

So if you want to look like a figment of your parents' memories of the old days when they were cool, or as if a Care Bear pooped on your chest, check it out. They've got all sorts of spirals, and colours in every transcendent size. We have no idea how much they cost, but it's probably totally worth it, man.