Friday December 1st, 2023
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Tijuana: A Sahel Haven

Serenity by day, madness by night - we've found yet another beach and lounge gem in Sahel that will convince you to never come back to Cairo.

Staff Writer
Sahel can only be summarized as an eternal struggle: the beach tugs us, the parties pull at us and delicious food everywhere has us imprisoned within our own indecision greed. Very seldom do we actually find a place that seems like it has it all, the perfect blend of tranquility, yummy food, drinks, and the potential to turn into a mad party at any time. 

This is where Tijuana Beach and Lounge comes in. Combining beautiful white sands, cerulean waters, and relaxed seating, Tijuana takes on the attributes of its name 'by the sea.' While our mommas are trying to get us to dutifully accept swimming in the kiddie pool and settling for home-made hot-dogs, Tijuana is where we run off to when we know we deserve to have the most tranquil time of our life, far far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Tijuana, which is located inside Stella Resort near Diplo 3, boasts such a relaxing vibe and actually maintains that vibe through making it possible for you to even get a massage by the beach. One can regularly spot yoga-practitioners practicing their sun salutations on the soft sand especially during the week days when it's most idyllic. So beach lovers, whether you're going solo or with your kids (which you don't have to worry about because Tijuana has a children playground and animation), this is the picture perfect spot for you. 

Other than maintaining a sensational spot on the beach, the lounge describes itself as the perfect setting for ''no strangers, only friends you haven't met yet'' which makes us happy to drop by there any time to grab beers and make idle chitchat with the tanning peeps nearby. Also, call us spoiled but we really are the kind of people who daydream of smoking our lemon we ne3na3 shisha while watching the waves crash (and we know you do too). 

The cool thing about Tijuana is when the sun drops, so do we, on the dance-floor that is because our favourite DJs and singers from Cairo, like DJ Cash, Namazy, Dina Salah and Okasha, come all the way to Sahel promising the time of our lives. Consider us relieved because after so much splurging on grilled shrimps, pizzas, and cocktails, we feel the dire needs to burn all those calories. Then we remember that every Sunday, Tijuana has a Twice as Nice sushi offer, which totally entices our sushi-loving inner fat kid, and we feel that our waistlines are pretty doomed but we’re willing to repeat our splurges the next day since a little quality time by the sea makes Tijuana so worth it.

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