Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Tipsy Teapot Sets Sail

As if their quirky Maadi venue wasn't enough, The Tipsy Teapot is planning their first boozy Nile cruise. Find out how to hop aboard...

Staff Writer

You might not be able to ditch work for a few weeks and drop a couple grand to take a cruise in the Bahamas, but The Tipsy Teapot has got the next best thing; a sunset booze-soaked cruise along our fair Nile…  And listen here, the Bahamas might have bright blue seas but we have the most famous river in the WORLD, okay? So Nile cruise officially beats all other cruises any day of the week.

The city's tipsiest pot of tea will be taking out a gorgeous yacht next week on Saturday 31st May for a chillaxed-meets-party cruise along our beautiful (err, debatable) river as the sun goes down. If we've got one thing in abundance in this country, it's sun, and that means when it sets over the Nile, it throws the sky into a kaleidoscope of saturated Crayola colors. Couple that with some lovely liquor and some cool beats, and you've got yourself an awesome evening. The boat departs at 7PM and will be back at the port by 10PM, so it fits perfectly into those useless hours of Saturday where all you want is a drink in your hand. If you feel like going hardcore, it's your call, but it's set to be a chilled-out party vibe with some laid-back Trance tracks providing the soundtrack to your night.

Tickets will only set you back 150 LE (available at The Tipsy Teapot or at the port) and that includes food AND a welcome drink. After that point, there's a bar on board so you can drink to your heart's desire. If you just want the welcome drink, and have no time for such frivolities as food when there's vodka available, get the 75 LE ticket, which doesn't include food. Make sure you're at the Maadi Yacht Club (the pickup point) at 7 PM because ain't nobody got time to wait for you. It's a sunset cruise, people; this mean you should be sailing down the Nile WHILE the sun sets, not two hours later. Try working on your Egyptian punctuality. We know it's tough, we know our DNA is structured in such a way that we are perpetually late for everything, but this boat won't be waiting for latecomers so get there on time. Then grab your colourful drink, watch the sun sink below the water, and proceed to dance the night away atop a beautiful boat. Ahh…sounds like a seriously good Saturday. You can also take this opportunity to practice your Kate and Leo bow stance while you're on there; just be careful not to fall overboard – who knows what our Nile's got lurking beneath its surface… 

You can check out their Facebook page here