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Toddler Catches Tigger Having Sex in Bathroom

All your Winnie the Pooh memories are about to be forever tarnished...

Winnie the Pooh’s outgoing exuberant friend Tigger is loved by children worldwide. However, for one English toddler Tigger will forever be associated as a mean sex fiend that slammed the bathroom door on her hand.

The alleged incident took place last week, when Maryanne Saunders took her 3 year old granddaughter into a public restroom in the quaint town of Dawlish in England. What was supposed to be a quick bathroom trip, turned into childhood scarring memory as a man dressed in a Tigger outfit was caught having “full blown sex” with a naked woman, according to the Exeter express and Echo news.

Shocked Saunders immediately reported the incident to the Dawlish Neighbourhood Police via their Facebook Page. "They slammed the door in my granddaughter's face and caught her hand in the door resulting in bruising to her fingers.”

As it stands no arrests have been made, but Saunders believes that the couple were in their 30s. Oddly enough this isn’t the only tiger sex scandal gripping the UK. Just last week 51 year old Andrew Holland was wrongly accused of possessing bestiality porn. However, the charges were dropped after a full examination of the video evidence proved that the women was not having sex with a tiger, but rather a man in a tiger outfit.

Obviously we are in no place to tell authorities how to do their job, but we can’t help but feel like there may be some dots that can be connected in both cases. If there isn’t then perhaps “tiger sex” is the latest sex trend, either way this epidemic must be stopped before sex education becomes about explaining to children about the birds and the bees and the tigers.