Sunday June 16th, 2024
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TokTok Drift

A new app is taking Egypt by storm, letting you live out your wildest TokTok fantasies...

Staff Writer

TokTok Drift

Remember when you were a kid, full of dreams, hopes and ambitions to become a TokTok driver? However, dreams don't always come true. In fact, we bet that you're reading this from behind a desk at your boring advertising job. However, new app TokTok Drift could be about to change all of that.

The mobile game, available on both Android and iPhone, allows you to whizz around Cairo or Alexandria swearing at passersby and generally endangering lives.
The app features real-time Cairo locations including the the Nile Towers, Tahrir Square and the Cairo Scene office. Just kidding - but you can see the Cairo Tower, the Egyptian Museum and even the Great Library of Alexandria. Better yet, there are pop culture references littered around the virtual towns, including graffiti on the walls and the Shaabi music backing track.

Additionally, there's a 'Pimp My TokTok' option that lets you buy all sorts of power-ups and extras to make sure you're the king of the road. In order to fully appreciate this app, you must ignore two things: Firstly, your real-life hatred for Tok Toks and secondly the fact that there are very few TokToks in central Cairo. These minor discrepancies aside - it's actually really fun.

Find out more on the app's Facebook page here.