Friday March 31st, 2023
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Top 7 Annoying Instagrammers

There are those who use Instagram, and those who abuse it, and who should really have their Instagramming rights revoked. Here's a list of seven of the most annoying Instagram habits…

Staff Writer

In this golden age of instantaneous communication, the world has become smaller than ever before. Breaking news travels at the speed of a tweet and every question can be answered with a few simple clicks.

Yet, as our technological reach continues to bridge gaps and make the world a much more connected place, our generation has managed to go from sharing their lives responsibly to being complete me3areseen with camera phones. We've rounded up a list of the most annoying things annoying people do on Instagram…

1) Ugly food: If your food is so unbelievably spectacular that you just can't help but to take a picture, fine. But let's be real, most food pictures leave much to be desired.

2) Selfie overload: Everyone loves a cute selfie every now and then, but not every fucking hour of every fucking day. Er7amo nafsoko ya kelab


3) Inspirational quotes: People who have a string of inspirational quotes on their Instagram need to be put down. The only thing you inspire people to do is to unfollow you.

4) Pre-, post-, or during-gym sessions: Because the check-in on Facebook isn't enough! Seriously though, stop, it makes us depressed.  

5) Infinite hashtags: #Can #You #Please #Fucking #Stop #This #InstaShit #Ya #Awsakh.

6) Everyone is your best friend: When people take pictures with a different friend every day claiming that they are their best friend. Newsflash: If EVERYONE is your "best friend", then no one is your best friend.

7) Instastalking: When you stalk a person on Instagram (we all do it, admit it), then accidentally like a picture, and hope that ground would open up and swallow you.  #BUSTED