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Top Choice

A unique new service offers Egyptian students a helping hand with their college admissions...

College application season can be one of the most stressful times in a young person's life. The convoluted application procedures, the vague essay requirements and the sheer pant-wetting terror of an admissions interview is a lot to deal with.

Top Choice Admissions, an organization created by a couple of young Egyptian entrepreneurs, is riding in on a proverbial white horse, alleviating some of the pressure with their variety of comprehensive plans and services, ranging from admission interview coaching, essay editing all the way to an athletic placement program.

Ahmed Ismail, Top Choice Admissions Co-founder and UCLA and Berkeley alumnus was inspired to start the unique service after spotting a definite need amongst his friends and family. “Whenever my partner Omar Khashaba and I were back in Egypt, we always found ourselves helping out friends and family with their own applications. We soon realised there was a real demand for such a service in the country.”

Although they've only been around for long enough for one application cycle, it’s difficult to argue with their 100% success rate with over 150 students. When asked about what contingency plans they have in place for students who don’t get into their first choice, he told us, “We always make sure they have good alternatives and it usually offsets their disappointment.”

He left us with a piece of simple, practical advice for prospective university applicants, “The most common problem that we have encountered in Egypt so far is that students start their application process too late because they are not well informed.”

So get off CairoScene (for one minute only), put down the remote, and hit them up for practical advice here