Sunday June 4th, 2023
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Toshka Project Best Sustainable Development Project in World for 2022

US-based consultancy Engineering News-Record ranks Egypt’s Toshka Project as the best sustainable development project in the world for 2022.

Cairo Scene

American engineering consultancy Engineering News-Record (ENR) has chosen Egypt’s Toshka South Valley Project as the best sustainable development project in the world for 2022.

Launched in 1997, the Toshka Project was an ambitious attempt to create a second Nile Valley, reclaiming half a million acres of desert as farmland in the process. In 2005, after millions of dollars in investments, the project was facing too many challenges with no clear solutions in sight, causing it to be put on hold. Over the past few years, the Ministry of Agriculture had taken up the project once more.

The area is now dedicated entirely to agricultural growth; different crops have been mapped out and allocated to specific plots to ensure maximum results without the use of chemicals like pesticides or fungicides. With the air and water purified and the soil left untouched by chemicals, this agricultural project is entirely environmentally friendly.

On top of reviving the desert, the project hopes to shift the local population of Upper Egypt to the New Valley governorate. It’s through this population redistribution that the project hopes to allow for a better standard of living; including air quality, land distribution, and job opportunities.