Sunday October 1st, 2023
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Travellers from 75 Countries Can Now Apply for Egyptian E-Visas

Egypt's E-Visa portal has made it easier than ever for travellers from across the planet to enter Egypt.

Cairo Scene

As Egypt’s tourism continues its post-lockdown resurgence, new moves have been made to make entering Egypt a lot more convenient. A new E-Visa portal is making it easier than ever for travellers to get their visas, offering services in eight languages, secure online payment and tourist enquiries - and visas are issued within 24 hours to boot.

While 46 nationalities already eligible to apply for E-Visas, an additional 28 have been added to the list, to making a total number of 74 nationalities eligible to use the platform or receive visas upon arrival at any of the country’s ports - a convenience also afforded to travellers with valid visas from Schengen countries, such as the UK, US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand or Canada.

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Photo credit: Alexa Bizon