Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Travelling the World... on a Camel

One Yemeni man plans to spread peace across the world as he hits Australia, South America and Europe on his trusty camel.

Staff Writer

A big-hearted Yemeni man hopes to deliver a message of peace and hump as he travels the world by camel. Ahmed Al-Qassemi will be joined by a convoy of photographers and interpreters as he travels through Australia, South America and Europe to promote a message of goodwill and tolerance.

His travels are set to begin in Australia in October while South America is scheduled for 2016 and Europe for 2017. Qassemi claims that he chose the camel as a means of travel as it "opens a clean slate in the book of dreamers' of peace and love for all humanity."

Meanwhile he also believes that travelling through the world's cities on a camel is reminiscent of the "old days" and invoked a sense of nostalgia. The bold move is not Qassemi's first trans-national trip on a camel. He has travelled extensively since 1999, passing through Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Qassemi tries to crowd-fund his trips, but has sold his personal belongings on occasion to finance his travels.

Through his travels, Qassemi says he was able to introduce the world to his heritage. Once he reaches his goal, Qassemi says he would like to give lectures and write a book about his adventures.