Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Turkey Prepared to Use Force

The situation in Turkey is heating up, and the Deputy Prime Minister has said that he's prepared to deploy armed forces to tackle the protests...

Staff Writer

Turkey Prepared to Use Force

Turkey’s unrest is heating up and it looks like it will only get worse. An official at the city’s bar association reported that on Sunday 441 demonstrators were detained in clashes while attempting to regain Taksim square. Scenes of water cannons,tear gas, and general excessive police force is becoming all too common. However, activists won’t be the only ones on the front lines today as two Turkish Union federations are a staging a one-day nationwide strike demanding an end to police violence and they are being join by various labour groups that represent 800,000 workers including doctors and engineers. Hospital will still stay open but only for emergency work. The Interior Minister Muammer Guler is claiming that the strike is illegal and is calling on civil servants not to join the strike. While the demonstrators are increasing in numbers, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc has been keeping a close eye on the situation and said in a televised interview: "If this is not enough, we can even utilise the Turkish armed forces in cities."