Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Two Matches from Glory

The Egyptian National Football team has been on a roll recently and are now just two matches away from qualifying for the World Cup...

Staff Writer

Morsi should be kissing the perfectly groomed pitch that the Egyptian National Football team walks on. Finally, we’re hearing some good news! Nothing makes Egyptians happier than football. Nothing sparks national pride like football. Nothing gets Egyptians more passionate than football (except maybe politics). We’re pretty sure that Egyptian football could mediate the Bloods/Crips battle in LA. Egypt has been on a roll with five wins in the last five games. Qualifying for the World Cup is two games away and that’s at least something to cling on to for people in a country where hope seems lost. Bob Bradley, the former US coach for World Cup South Africa 2010, has shown that the American influence can do good for the country. Now, if only we could get the politicians in power to model their domestic and foreign policy on match tactics, perhaps things can improve.