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UBER Teams Up with Etisalat to Offer FREE RIDES!

Yeah, you read that right: FREE!

They gave us cupcakes, fool sandwiches, and at some point there were even puppies involved. Uber us now teaming up with Etisalat to give us FREE rides! Well, not everyone; just those fortunate enough to be Etisalat customers. 
All you have to do is enter your information on this landing page: 
If you're a newbie to Uber, you're going to get 40 LE off your first ride! If you're already an Uber obsessive, you're next ride is on them! The value of your ride will depend on just how big an Etisalat customer you are. Yes, it may be worth drumming up those phone bills right now, and maybe giving your mum a call to tell her you love her.