Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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US-Based Egyptian Tech Queen Rana El Kaliouby to Speak at AUC This February

As part of AUC’s year-long centennial celebrations, the Egyptian entrepreneur breaking boundaries using AI to measure emotion is taking to the stage.

Staff Writer

US-Based Egyptian Tech Queen Rana El Kaliouby to Speak at AUC This February

Featured in Forbes' 2018 America's Top 50 Women in Tech list and Fortune's 40 Under 40 list, US-based Egyptian entrepreneur and tech trailblazer, Rana El Kaliouby, is set to bring a whole host of experience and insight to the AUC New Cairo stage for a special talk on February 17th.  

El Kaliouby is co-founder and CEO of Affectiva, a Boston-based emotional measurement technology company that grew out the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Quite remarkably,  the company has developed technology that identifies human emotion based on facial expressions and physiological cues, with Rana El Kaliouby famously saying that her "life's work is humanising technology before it dehumanises us."

In addition to this ambitious and innovative feat, El Kaliouby has co-written a book called Girl Decoded: A Scientist's Quest to Reclaim Our Humanity by Bringing Emotional Intelligence to Technology, which charts her life's work so far and is set for release this April.

If you want to hear more from this incredible woman, head to AUC New Cairo's Malak Gabr Arts Theatre on February 17th at 6.30PM. Entry is free for AUC students and alumni, along with their friends and family.