Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Uber Delivers Puppy Playdates this Weekend!

Uber Cairo are teaming up with ESMA to deliver puppies-on-demand around Cairo, who you can then adopt if you wish. Tell us this isn't the cutest thing you've ever heard.

Staff Writer

Uber Delivers Puppy Playdates this Weekend!

Uber is generally considered a nifty useful car service providing people with reliable, safe rides but they also happen to be a community driven networking system, using their footprint as a car service to support important causes and NGO ventures. This time around, Uber are teaming up with ESMA – Egyptian Society for Mercy of Animals - on Friday, the 6th of November to deliver puppies on-demand in Cairo, whether to a work place or a home, for a 15 minute play date with some of the most adorable mini pooches you can lay your eyes on! And most importantly, if you enjoyed your time with the little canine you can go ahead and adopt it. 

For 50LE you can request the UberPUPPIES option on the Uber app between 12:00PM and 6:00PM and Uber will deliver a puppy along with a representative from ESMA to assist and provide you with all the details necessary if you decide on adopting the puppy. If not, then at least you’ve had a chance to enjoy some snuggle company, cheer up a little while or introduce your children to the idea of having a pet. Most importantly, every pound from your 50 LE will be donated directly to ESMA who have dedicated their efforts to saving and protecting abandoned and mistreated animals. And who knows - maybe you’ll find yourself a new family member and adopt one. You’ll never know until you try it out yourself. All it takes is 15 minutes of your time to go ahead and do something a little different from your regular day to day life, while directly investing in a virtuous organisation to help it continue its noble cause. Also, puppies. 

Make sure to have an enclosed space ready for puppy play time, and that no one who will come in contact with the puppy is allergic or intolerant. These cute little fluffballs are high on demand and so availability will be limited and patience will be required! If you personally had no time to take part in the initiative on Friday you can still visit the adoptable puppies in person right here.

We need to encourage an animal cruelty-free environment in Egypt, and it all starts with saving the animals that are already homeless, suffering or are simply looking for a family to belong to! We need to help them find a home. If you have children, what better way to introduce them to animals and help them learn how to treat them ethically!  

You can check out Uber's Facebook page or Instagram @ubercairo, or ESMA's Facebook page and Instagram @esmaegypt.