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Uber Eats to Permanently Shut Down in Egypt

Uber has announced that they will discontinue their food delivery services by the end of May 18th.

uber eats

Uber has announced that they will discontinue their Uber Eats services by the end of Monday, May 18th. Although all their other services are unaffected by the decision, people will no longer struggle with the redundancy of a food delivery service in a nation where practically every restaurant delivers food.

"While we are sad that Uber Eats is leaving Egypt, we are committed to continue serving our communities here through our Uber Rides business," Uber said in a statement. "Our number one priority now is to minimise the impact on the valued employees, restaurant partners, delivery partners and consumers who have supported us."

Uber will also be shutting down Uber Eats in the UAE on the same day as Egypt, and will close down the service in Saudi Arabia today on May 4th.