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Uber Teams Up With Tabibi 24/7 For Doctors On Demand This World Health Day

Is there a doctor in the house? Well, yes; there can be on Friday the 8th, and with a free in-home checkup, too, as Uber and Tabibi 24/7 team up to combat diabetes this World Health Day.

We're all familiar with the terrible feeling of extreme nervousness that hits us while stuck in Cairo's often gridlock traffic, especially if we’re late for an important meeting, appointment, or worst yet, on our way to the hospital. Cairo’s infamous traffic gets in the way of many of our daily movements, disrupting our already hectic lifestyles and schedules. Come on, we barely managed to schedule that doctor's appointment at a decent time between work and going home to do even more work!

In an impressive gesture, Uber and Tabibi 24/7 will be teaming up on the 8th of the month – World Health Day, w kol sana wento tayebeen – from 3 PM to 6 PM to deliver doctors to your doorstep for a free medical checkup as they aim to help combat diabetes in Egypt. Users will have to just slide over to the UberHEALTH view on the application and request their free medical checkup. Not only that, but the Tabibi 24/7 doctors will also have vouchers from Nature’s Gifts Stores, which provide nutritious and healthy food products. We can definitely say that this is a truly creative initiative to raise awareness about diabetes and its prevention, especially among non diabetics. Of course, this coincides with World Health Day which aims at raising awareness about diabetes, especially among low and middle-income countries. 

Here's the catch: you're not allowed to watch any TV that day, your dinner has to creatively integrate spinach, and you have to promise to drop and give 'em 30 every hour – 30 pushups, guys; pushups. That's a small price to pay for a free in-home checkup, right? Well, we're not serious – although we think it would be hilarious – but the Tabibi 24/7 doctors are going around for free in-home visits with these NGS vouchers as a friendly reminder that we need to maintain healthy eating and lifestyle habits – all of this runs with their theme for World Health Day: beat diabetes. 

Tabibi 24/7 – which provides modern medical services at their well-equipped clinics, as well as through personal home visits – is also teaming up with Uber in Alexandria to provide the same doctors on demand service to the Pearl of the Mediterranean. 

Now, while we'd love to impose strange prerequisites that include spinach, quinoa, and planks, the good folks at Tabibi 24/7 and Uber are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, so you guys should probably get yourselves that checkup to see just how well your body's been doing after all that Netflix and pizza.

Check out Uber on Facebook and Instagram, and visit Tabibi 24/7’s Facebook, Twitter, or website.