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Unhappy Meal

A man in Paris gets pissed over cold fries. Solution? Make like the Vikings and try to axe-murder a Mcdonalds employee as revenge...

A furious Frenchman responded to a less-than-happy meal by attacking a fast food worker with an axe, in a fall out over cold fries.

The unnamed food junkie was so cheesed off at the poor service provided by the restaurant near Paris that he decided it was time to give the insolent fast food employee the chop... literally.

The 26-year-old flipped his (burger?) lid and grabbed an axe from his car before threatening the terrified fast food worker.

The would-be axmen chickened out at the last minute, and threw the weapon out of the window of the outlet before attempting to flee the scene.

However, police caught up with the bungling burger lover and eventually took the man into custody. 

This certainly isn't the first case of McDonalds rage – in 2010, an Ohio man was filmed going ape-shit at Mcdonalds workers when they made a mess of his McNuggets order.

Meanwhile, here in Egypt, we seem to assume a surprisingly calm view towards fast food fuck-ups, preferring to concentrate our rage on drivers who get innocently stuck in traffic. 

The number of times we here at Cairo Scene have ordered a Mc something or the other, only to be given a Mc what-the-fuck-is-this – well, we've kind of lost count. Sometimes our fast food really doesn't make the cut... Ok, we'll stop now.