Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Unicorn Garden to Host New Weekly ‘Beachtown’ Party with Heart, Soul & Mind

Why go to Sahel, when Sahel can come to Cairo?

Staff Writer

After the wild success of its urban beach party earlier this summer, Unicorn Garden and Heart, Soul & Mind are going the distance and opening every Friday for a new weekly shindig called ‘Beachtown’ that will make you question why’d you endure the monotony that is driving to Sahel every weekend.

Absurd in concept, spectacular in execution, the first party brought a large, juicy slice of Sahel to Downtown Cairo, recreating a beach in the most unlikely of spots. Yes...sand, chaise longues, music, that sweet seaside breeze (read: outdoor AC) and that one dude with distractingly garish trunks that seems to know everyone – the quintessential Sahel experience.

The FOMO-less Friday fete kicks off this weekend, on the July 19th, with a man who has spent more time playing the role of the Pied Piper at Unicorn Garden than he has with his friends and family, Azaar, alongside debutant DJ Deeb who’ll be bringing some funk and house to the mix.

To book your spot, wake up early, find the best parasol and then put all your stuff underneath it so you can secure it for later and go back to sleep.

No, we’re kidding, for guestlist email info@hsm-egypt.

Photos courtesy of CairoZoom