Saturday September 30th, 2023
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University of London to Open Campus in New Capital

As part of the new ‘European Universities in Egypt’ initiative the Universities of London and Central Lancashire are set to open satellite campuses in the New Capital.

Cairo Scene

The University of London and the University of Central Lancashire are coming to Egypt with new satellite campuses set to open in the New Administrative Capital. Within the umbrella of a new project ‘European Universities in Egypt’, the two universities will be the first of a post-secondary mega-complex that is set to host other campuses by European universities. 

The project bears more than a few similarities to the New Administrative Capital’s ‘Universities of Canada in Egypt’ which recently opened up a branch of Ryerson University, along with University of Prince Edward Island. No exact news on when construction begins or when preliminary plans will be rolling out yet, but we’re confident it will exceed our expectations.

Next up on the list; Universities of the United States. Just kidding (maybe?).