Monday June 5th, 2023
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University of Ottawa Offers Engineering Master's Degree for Egyptians

A few lucky Egyptian students will receive a scholarship for an online Master’s programme studying electrical and computer engineering with the University of Ottawa.

Cairo Scene

Directly from the capital of Canada, the University of Ottawa is working with Egypt’s Ministry of Communications to roll out exclusive Master’s degree scholarships for electrical and computer engineers. No need to go shopping for fur coats - you’ll be safe from the freezing cold as the entire programme will take place online.

The programmes are part of the national ‘Digital Egypt Builders’ initiative. Renowned for its engineering programmes, University of Ottawa is one of Canada’s most popular institutions for would-be technicians and roboticists.

The first academic semester will begin in Spring 2021, with three available concentrations: ‘Artificial intelligence and data science’, ‘Robotics’, and ‘The Internet of Things and cybersecurity’.

To find out more and apply, you can call the ministry up at 15388 or visit