Wednesday May 31st, 2023
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Up in Subspace

Set in an undisclosed Cairo location, Subspace is a new record label that insists on playing by its own rules.

Staff Writer

The brainchild of Aly and Teknyk, the managing director and creative director of the venture,  Subspace even refuses to define a mission statement, suggesting that putting it down on paper would limit who they are and what they can do.

Nevertheless, with a name like Subspace, we know we’re bound for something out of this world. Described by its Teyknyk  as a “world within this world”; an elevated state initiated by the exposure to authentic creative expression, an avid lover of music can only hope that Subspace lives up to its name.

Above all, Subspace strives to support and inspire musicians who wish to defy accepted musical norms and transcend the traditional notions of genre, which only serve to oversimplify the idea of music and restrict true musical expression. And what better city to stage a renaissance in music, a rebellion against the established regime of genres?


According to the dubious duo, the very idea of a genre negates what music is all about: unhindered creative expression. For that very reason, Subspace is all about facilitating the process of authentic expression through creating an environment supportive to it. It is their goal to provide such an outlet: a place where artists can liberate their soul, and Subspace will be there to embrace it and perfect it.

The idea is great and the message uplifting, but will Subspace ultimately deliver something we haven’t heard before?

With one of their newly-signed talents, NEOBYRD, performing his music in a secret location on 22ndDecember to mark the release of his album The King is Dead, it won’t be long before we can find out…