Friday December 1st, 2023
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Upcoming Solar Eclipse

A total eclipse of the Sun to take place on November 3rd, and Cairo is in prime position to see it.

Staff Writer

We can complain about shitty imports and covet exciting experiences elsewhere all we want… but one thing we can always count on, as an endless supplier of interest, is the sky.

On November 3rd, the moon is due to partially eclipse the Sun when viewed from yours truly, Cairo. Apparently the phenomena will still be viewable through the man made lens of pollutants and dust and, to soak up the occurrence in all its endless glory, AUC is hosting a ‘star gazing’ opportunity on both of its campuses. The eclipse-viewing is free (woot!) and will begin in Cairo at 3:07 pm and peak at 3:58 pm. 

A solar eclipse takes place when the moon positions its self between the Earth and Sun, covering the Earth’s view of the Sun. While we all know the Earth orbits the sun, and the moon orbits the Earth, non-erudite pupils have a chance at learning a thing or two about their greater context; the universe.

Observers say that the eclipse in question will be a total eclipse, where the moon will block the entire disk of the sun, only along a limited path crossing the Atlantic Ocean and equatorial Africa. In Homer Simpson terms, that means that this is a big deal and only a select part of the world will be able to view the total eclipse. If your still not sold on the idea, how about this: this is a thrice in a decade opportunity, as in the next decade only three solar eclipses will be viewable from Cairo; in 2015, 2020, and 2022.