Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Uptown Cairo's Got Talent

Uptown Cairo is launching their Uptown Stars competition, where everyone's got a shot at showcasing their talent - and winning big! But that's not all they've got going on; they're going to have everything from bungee jumping to Cairokee...

Staff Writer

Forget Egypt’s most promising talents being the Shut Up Your Mouse Obama woman; Cairo is about to prove that it’s got some serious talent! Uptown Cairo presents Uptown Stars, a talent contest set to take place on the 25th of April, in which everyone can showcase their talent and win big in the process. And you decide who walks away with the grand prize - which we shan't reveal just yet but we can tell you it's a really hefty one! 

The first round will take place online. Videos will be posted showcasing the participants' talents and voting takes place online where the best 10 will be chosen to proceed straight to the finals. Whoever isn’t chosen by the voting public will enter the second round of auditions, and a further 20 talents will be picked by an expert judging panel. All talents then face off at the April 25 final, taking place at Uptown Cairo.

The prizes will blow your mind but we're keeping our lips sealed about them for now, and will massively reward the biggest talents in talent. Want to be involved in changing the life of the lucky winners? Click here to check out all the talents and vote for your favourites. 

But aside from all the singing, dancing, and general talents out there, Uptown has a whole day packed with food and fun up their sleeves. So it’s okay if you can’t hold a tune and you have no place being on a stage – there’s oodles of cool stuff prepared for the day. For starters, two of the city’s best bands will be amping up the energy levels; Crash Boom Bang will be playing out some of their Pop Rock perfection, and local legends Cairokee will be killing it with a Rock-fuelled performance. And that’s just the musical side of things. There’s gonna be activities galore, including pottery and even soap making. Yes, soap making. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your own soap, now’s your chance! On top of that there's a Lego corner - this is where you'll find us singing EVERYTHING IS AWESOME really loudly. Plus there’s going to be a circus, and for the adrenaline junkies out there, they’re even setting up car races, laser tag (set up by aptly named Adrenaline), AND bungee jumping.  

If you’re going to be strapping yourself in and taking that leap of faith, we suggest you hold off until afterwards before you hit the food stalls though. And there’s no shortage of options for you to stuff your face with. Tamara will be there with their delicious Lebanese eats, as will Mince’s juicy burger creations, and Mandolas Tortilla (arriba arriba!). For the health nuts, worry not, Lettuceat has all your salad needs covered and Formula Onederful will be whipping up their fresh fruit juices. 

Basically, talent or no talent, it’s set to be a fun-filled day. But while we’re on the topic of talent, a little birdie told us that Ayda El Ayoubi is going to be one of the talent show’s judges! So mark your calendars for the 25th of April and make your way to Uptown Cairo for some good times. P.S. The fastest way to get up there is through Emaar Drive. You’re welcome. 

You can find out more on their Facebook page here or get all the details on this event here