Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Veggie Fest Cairo

Next Wednesday, get a chance to set your inner hippie free with the Veggie Fest, which promises yoga, a potluck vegetarian iftar and an open mic night (where we can all hold hands and sing Kumbaya).

Staff Writer

Next Wednesday, July 23, you can get a real sense of that relaxing, feel-good energy that is usually reserved for trips to the silky beaches of Sinai, right in Downtown Cairo. The fourth annual Veggie Fest is set to take place at the renovated Greek Campus. Started in 2011 by Robert Beshara  and Maria-Constanza Garrido, the event is now organized by another vegan aficionado Maie ElZeiny.  It's being held to promote a non-meat eating lifestyle within a lively environment, packed with entertainment and different activities going on all night.

“It’s a people’s event… it’s about sharing and fostering a sense of community with positive common interests… People are encouraged to bring their creative selves, their instruments, their food, and most importantly themselves,” ElZeiny tells us.

The event kicks off with a yoga session with Aly El-Alfy at 5 PM, followed by a potluck vegetarian iftar. Attendees are asked to bring in any vegetarian or vegan dish to be shared around, but the event isn’t exclusively open for herbivores. Non-vegetarians are also welcome to attend and dip their taste buds into the deep end of hippiedom.

“The idea is that we want to become more conscious and compassionate individuals, but we want to create a healthy sense of community, too. This event hopes to inspire others to create such similar events. It should clarify to non-vegetarians any misconceptions they might have regarding vegetarianism, and it’s a way for vegetarians in Cairo to celebrate their choice.”

Meanwhile you’re also encouraged to bring any musical instruments, as come night time, there’ll be an open mic night and jam sessions hosted by Mashrou3 Al Mareekh.

“The point is we are what we eat, and there’s an artist in each and every one of us,” ElZeiny adds.

If you have any activity or healthy/environment friendly products you want to showcase, you can get in touch with Now make like a tree, and leave.