Monday May 20th, 2024
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Venomous Snakes Spotted in New Cairo Compounds After Mass Poisoning of Stray Dogs

The wild will start to take over if we keep disrupting the balance. And even more so when we are the first to use violence to keep control.

Staff Writer

Venomous Snakes Spotted in New Cairo Compounds After Mass Poisoning of Stray Dogs

Residents of compounds in New Cairo's Fifth Settlement have reported multiple sightings of Treisha snakes, with many speculating that the near-infestation has been triggered by the poisoning of stray dogs, which in turn has increased the number and mobility of rodents - the snakes' primary food.

The snake, known as the Horned Desert Viper or the Saharan Arabian Horned Viper, is dirt-colored coat (matching its environment), boasts a plump figure between 30-60 centimeters long, a body covered with spiked bumps and, of course, a horned head. It can be found in various areas in Egypt, including the North Coast, and Red Sea Governorate’s Halayeb and Shalateen. It has also been previously found in areas like Madinet Al Sadat and Maadi.

Dr. Omar Tamam, Wildlife Expert and Dean of the Environmental Studies Institute at the Sadat University, advises civilians to stay away from the poisonous specimen and, if ever faced with one, to remain at least a couple of meters away and call for help. 

The snake doesn’t attack humans on instinct, but if aggravated, will be deadly, springing meters at a time. The Treisha’s poison is said to be acidic, immediately burning the tissue affected, with the venom spreading through the whole body within a matter of two hours, in which the victim should be taken to the nearest Poison Center for professional treatment. If not treated correctly and quickly, the affected body part will have to be amputated to save the victim’s life, just as with a typical poisonous snake bite.