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Vichi's Fashion Night Out

Celebrating the launch of the new Vichi website, Cairo's style set will be heading over to the newly-reopened Mojito for a fashion fiesta...

Fashion! Vodka! More fashion! More vodka! Alright we may have gone slightly overboard with the vodka, but they are two of our favourite things on this earth and when combined, it's just a real happy place for us. Excuse us for being fucking enthusiastic, okay?

Anyway, next Monday 19th May, we'll be celebrating some fab fashion over at Conrad Cairo with Vichi's Fashion Night Out, an uber-stylish event celebrating the launch of the street style blog's brand new website. For the record, you can head to the site here; it's sleek, stylish, and filled to the brim with fashion inspirations, lust-worthy mood boards, interviews with people from the industry and loads more. The event is taking place atop the hotel's newly re-opened Mojito bar (hence our vodka references, although in retrospect, rum may have been more appropriate), which is kind of like the old Mojito at the Nile Hilton except at a new venue. The point is, there will be mojitos. Just kidding, that's not the point at all. The point is, don your most fashionable ensemble, pull out all the stops because you know all the stylish citizens of the city will be there and – heads up – there will be a best dressed competition. We're so glad we are fully aware of the dress code ahead of time because usually we turn up to these things having just finished a long day at the office and still essentially dressed in our daily homeless person ensembles that we wear to work.

The man behind the brand, Ahmed Islam, is all about appreciating street style so in keeping with this, there will be a street style runway! Not the high fashion stuff you see on most runways that is essentially unwearable anywhere outside of a fashion show; but outfits that will give you inspiration for daily dressing. The brand will also be on hand snapping pictures to be posted on Vichi's blog and pages, which is even more reason for you to get seriously sartorial for this event. We're taking pull out those bold prints and that fearless skirt, don your highest heels, overload on statement accessories; the whole shebang. It's the perfect excuse to get really dressed up. Speaking of accessories, Frillu will be there, gems blazing, and filling up the place with their unique pieces. We've been drooling over their Instagram account for many, many moons now, always too lazy to actually order anything so we can't wait to see the stuff in the flesh.

Between your mingling, gossiping with the fashionable fiends of the city about Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld, and mojito sipping, they will also be showing a short movie about fashion blogging in Egypt over the past few years and how it has evolved. International fashion shows will be playing continuously on an oversized screen, an act that will likely keep your eyes glued to the screens and simultaneously make you want to put down that finger food immediately after seeing endless mile-long legs strutting down a runway.