Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Video: Alexandrian Man Carries People Across Flooded Streets for One Pound

Is this the best start-up business in Alexandria? Maybe not, but definitely the best video you will see today.

Staff Writer

Although Egypt is a desert, many Egyptians hate it when rains, as the city streets are ill equipped to deal with it often flooding as a consequence of a mild downpour. Proving that flooded streets aren’t all bad is one brilliant man in Alexandria who has found a way to make money, charging people a pound for carrying them across a flooded street.

Spreading virally this morning is a video of an Alexandrian man who decided instead of complaining about the rain, he would use it to his advantage. Offering one pound for piggyback rides across a flooded street, this brilliant entrepreneur has created a service desperately needed during rare rainy days.

The video was uploaded by Mohamed Ali Elkut, who claims it was captured at Misr Station in Alexandria. Clearly this start-up will be a triumphant success today, however considering it only rains a handful of times a year, this start-up will likely need to pivot to find sustainability. Perhaps this service can be adapted year round, offering to carry people across streets flooded by sewage water. If he does, we imagine his rate will skyrocket from one pound to at least two pounds. Either way a wonderful start-up for any investor to look into, and definitely the best video we have seen today.