Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Video: CNN Follows Egyptian Adventurer Omar Samra on His Latest Expedition

Recognising his journey as Egypt's first world-class adventurer, CNN's Inside the Middle East follows Omar Samra on an hiking and kayaking expedition in Fayoum, in which he discusses Cairo's disconnection from nature and how he overcame the loss of his wife.

Staff Writer

Egyptians, as well as adventure enthusiasts everywhere have a weak spot for Omar Samra - and rightfully so. The mountaineer, who was also appointed as a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador, is the first Egyptian to climb the world's highest summits and to ski to the Geographic South and North. Since 2013, Samra has been getting ready to be propelled into outer space after winning a space competition in Orlando, USA.

In this edition of CNN's Inside the Middle East anchored by Becky Anderson, the lens follows Omar Samra as he leads a two-day hiking and kayaking expedition in Fayoum. Samra discusses how life in Cairo is quiet disconnected from nature and how he seeks to share his passion for the outdoors with others, by organising such expeditions.

After losing his wife in 2013, Samra's belief that there is a connection between exposure to nature and healing life's traumas was reaffirmed. "When you're in a very remote place, you've got nowhere to escape from your thoughts [...] in many ways that was good for the healing process," Samra says.

Main Image: CNN