Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Video: Carving Game of Thrones' Night's King Out of a Bateekha

The only thing scarier than an army of the dead is an army of melons.

Staff Writer

While scouring the net for any and all clues about the Game of Thrones season finale, we stumbled across this horrifying video of the already terrifying Night's King's visage being carved out of a batteekha. 

Posted on fruit carving savant Valeriano Fatica's Youtube page, the time-lapsed video shows the transformation from innocuous melon to the baby-stealing, Three-Eyed-Raven-killing, leader of the White Walkers and all around creepy mofo, The Night's King, over the course of 18 hours.

This isn't Fatica's first incredible melon creation but he also created a White Walker from a pumpkin. Check out the video below and the artist's channel for more batteekh madness.