Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Eagle Found Hiding in Kafr El Sheikh after Being Bullied by Crows, Undergoes Psychological Treatment

For this Egyptian eagle, it's a hard-knock life.

Staff Writer

Even eagles aren’t safe from bullying. A rare type of eagle was found hiding in a local government building in the Kafr El Sheikh governorate after it was relentlessly chased by a murder of crows (yes, a murder).

Kafr El Sheikh governor General Ibrahim Nasr immediately notified all relevant authorities and quickly put together a veterinary team to assess the eagle’s health. The checkup revealed the eagle had injuries to its wing and head, and was in a bad psychological state. We feel you buddy; bullying will do that to a person… or bird.

We are relieved to know that the eagle is now in good health and, slowly but surely, recovering from this traumatic incident. That's until we saw this video recorded by the local government at Kafr El Sheikh were an uncomfortable-looking bird is clearly manhandled by pesky humans.