Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Video: Egyptian Headmistress Tells Children to Give Up Candy Because of Sugar Shortage Crisis

"When I was your age, we used to have chocolate," may just be what you'll tell your kids one of these days.

Staff Writer

As kids around the world anticipate Halloween, and rushing to every door to fill pillow cases with candy and chocolate, Egyptian kids are being taught to give it all up. It seems that morning assembly chants have changed a bit since we were kids;  a video posted by Al Jazeera Egypt shows kids from the Egyptian Language School in 5th Settlement, chanting "3lashan Masr teb2a 2aweya, hanetkhalla 3an el chocolata we el 3assaleya" after their headmistress. The translation is: For the sake of Egypt's strength, we will give up chocolate and 3assaleya (a sugar-based candy). You guessed it, they're trying to teach them about the sugar shortage by sweeping it under the rug (no puns intended).

Watch the video, and try not to feel sorry for the kids:

Okay, so, a moment of silence for their lost childhood, not that they have agreed to stop eating chocolate and candy. The headmistress is heard asking them, "Can you do this? You're not going to eat anymore chocolate?" to which they enthusiastically responded, "Yes!" Of course, some sappy music started in the background, as she thanked them and repeated "ta7ya Masr" (Long Live Egypt).

We're seriously in awe, because we think if you must prepare children for the sugar crisis about to plague Egypt, you could just encourage them to take up a healthier diet – perhaps fruits? But, why politicise the children? What we just witnessed, unfortunately is a straight-up-in-your-face propaganda used with children in Egypt.