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Video: Egyptian Prank Show 'Mini Daesh' Makes People Believe They Were Kidnapped by ISIS

Aired on Al Nahar TV, Mini Daesh's idea of a practical joke is making people think they were kidnapped by ISIS. Their latest episode reduced actress Heba Magdi to tears and is making global headlines.

Mini Daesh, a prank show that airs on Al Nahar TV network, has come under fire for its cruel and inconsiderate practical jokes and overall morbid humour.

Each episode, a celebrity is made to believe they are kidnapped by terrorist group ISIS. Our favourite was when singer Issaf gave the cast of the show a taste of their own cruel medicine when he undauntedly pounced on the supposed terrorists and snatched a firearm to defend himself with.   Actress Heba Magdi, however, wasn’t as calm under fire. In a video published by the network’s YouTube channel, Magdi is seen screaming and sobbing in horror as she begs the ‘terrorists’ for her life.

Practical jokes which take it too far have become something of Ramez Galal's forte, as over the years the infamous host has pranked endless celebrities on his show every Ramadan, making them believe a variety of fake scenarios from sinking boats being circled by sharks to planes about to crash. However, this year's Mini Daesh series really pushes the envelope with this ISIS-themed prank. And to make matters worse, the episode was featured in the Daily Mail who called it "the world's cruelest TV prank ever." Good going, Egyptian television.