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Video: Fuel Prices Increasing? This Tok Tok Runs on Water

Fingers crossed this invention doesn't get water prices to increase.

Tok tok drivers have had their share of crap in this country, and with the almost 50 percent increase in fuel prices, we're sure any meshwar is becoming nothing short of a good burn in hell. We're already anticipating a fight with the taxi driver in the morning, and a giant Uber surge on our way back from a night out, because "el dollar ya ostaz(a)!" But, of course, as a nation of brilliant innovators, we firmly believe 'necessity is the mother of invention'. We're guessing that's mechanical engineer Mahmoud Abdelfattah's motto since he invented a tok tok-like cart that runs on the same engine but, instead of using fuel, it has another system that generates water into hydrogen gas. Watch Youm7's video with him:Even though we believe prices shouldn't increase, we're just going to go ahead and praise not only the affordability of this genius innovation, but its sustainability and environmental value when it comes to Mother Earth. Abdelfattah tells Youm7 that the design was his, and all the parts were made by him in his private mechanical/industrial workshop, which he paid for from his own pocket. He says that it's important that scientific research and such inventions are funded by the state, because it will be of great help for citizens; it will be cheaper and locally produced, and it saves money and energy.

Abdelfattah's tok tok-like contraption is three times as powerful those with engines that run on gasoline; on a larger scale, its present engine can generate electricity and energy in the long run.

While Abdelfattah says he's received many offer to implement this project abroad, he wants to give Egypt the priority. If this is as good as it sounds, we're on board.