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Hisham Abbas' New Song Makes Us Want to Quit Our Jobs

Who else wanted to be a professional doughnut taster?

When we're young, we tend to have this untainted belief that dreams come true. So, we set our sights on the best cars, the coolest adventures, or the most self-fulfilling careers, and we tell ourselves that we can do anything we set our minds to. Obviously this delusion only lasts until we become working adults with a paycheck that can’t plausibly get us that bougie mansion by the beach. And that paycheck comes from a job we don't particularly enjoy because we never got to pursue our passion of painting since "doodling is not a job" apparently. 

It’s sad how dreams can often dissipate. Except what if they don’t, you know, shatter into a million miserable pieces? Hisham Abbas thinks they don't have to, because it seems that positivity is the new trend of 2017. It's the age of possibility, where millennials are realising you can totally ditch your chained-to-a-desk 9 to 5 job and become an entrepreneur or you can actually become a chef instead of an engineer. Which is sort of what the Nary Naren singer's new video is all about. 

In his new single Aktar Men El Bete7lam Bi, the singer basically has us writing our resignation letters and deciding to pursue that job we always wanted. We come away thinking that can dreams possibly do come true. And if they don’t, you can cry about it in a Senova X35 SUV because the car, which features in Abbas' new music video, is equal parts gorgeous and surprisingly affordable. That is of course, unless your dream is to have a Senova X35 SUV with a panorama sunroof and multi-purpose screen, then you're set.

For real though, Senova will be at Golf Porto Marina throughout the weekend so you can test out the car if you're looking for a new ride, and we expect their features to be a dream come true for all car lovers. 

Check out the Senova X35 here

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