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Video: If Game of Thrones was an Egyptian Mosalsal...

Game of Thrones meets Ra'fat El Haggan in one minute and a half worth of video montage and it is as epic as it sounds.

Before Game of Thrones, there was Ra’fat El Haggan. The Egyptian TV series dominated the airwaves for years, captivating the region’s audiences with the true story of Egyptian spy Refaat El Gammal who served as our very own equivalent of Varys’ little birds during the war with Israel.

One Egyptian YouTube user channeled his red-blooded patriotism and passion for the politics of the fictitious seven kingdoms in a minute and a half worth of video montage. The aspiring filmmaker synced Game of Thrones’ opening credits with Ra’fat El Haggan’s iconic theme song and it is hilarious and it is poignant. If Egyptian television were ever to recreate the dragon-friendly show, THIS would definitely be the opening sequence. Also, Game of Thrones is obviously based on the Middle East because we have well over seven kingdoms and dictatorships in between us.