Wednesday March 29th, 2023
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Video: 'Kalam Ramadan' Hilariously Highlights The Realities of Ramadan

"Ah vegan, mein vegan da?" Peace Cake Productions' hilarious video will have you nodding – perhaps even snorting of laughter – while you point at the screen and say 'I totally get it!'

Staff Writer

There is something about Egyptian humour that just reels us back in every time. Peace Cake Productions are back this Ramadan with their Sohourreyat video series; in their latest video, Kalam Ramadan (Ramadan Talk), they’re poking fun at every single topic we tend to go over endlessly during Ramadan – from food to if people actually like Ramez Galal or not. They're classical tidbits of conversation that, as an Egyptian, we've all had at some point or another: do we actually like or hate the commercials? Did we gain or lose weight this holy month? And which are we actually addicted to and miss while fasting - Nescafé or tea?

We don’t want to reveal too much, but we promise that this video is truly on point. Check it out.