Monday September 25th, 2023
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Video: Lion Cub Paraded in Gamaet El Dewal During Egypt's Football Victory Celebrations

That awkward moment when you're goofing around in the street and you turn around and there's a baby Apex predator.

Staff Writer

Egyptian football fans flooded the streets of Cairo after a rare occurrence in Egypt's football history last night, as Egypt's national football team beat Morocco for the first time in 31 years. However, that was not the only freakishly rare event to take place last night; Egyptians celebrating the historic victory in Gam3et El Dewal street were in for a different kind of surprise when a cub was spotted among the cheering crowds. The animal was accompanying a young man celebrating Egypt's fateful win! We did some sniffing around and got in touch with the cub's owner, Ashraf El Helw, who turned out to be a well-known lion tamer. El Helw family is one of Egypt's top circus masters and lion tamers.

"I take my cub, Kyala, with me everywhere, so when Egypt won last night, I was very excited, so I took her out to celebrate. She's a very rare breed as you can almost never find white lions in Egypt," El Helw explained.  Assuring that Kyala isn't harmful in anyway, EL Helw added: "She's very friendly, obedient, and calm, she wouldn't hurt a fly. I plan to keep her with me in the house for another year or so, until she's ready to join the circus." 

Photos provided by Ashraf El Helw.
Video by Youm7.