Friday 3 of February, 2023
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Video: SNL Arabia Sketch Breaks Internet

Watch 'toddlers' Shadi Alfons and Khalid Mansour render their father speechless with a playground chant called 'Zizo Song'.

Staff Writer

Shadi Alfons and Khalid Mansour are no strangers to breaking the Internet. Well, they're at it again, this time as toddlers Mido and Mado in a side-splitting SNL Arabia sketch! It starts with the two oversized kindergarteners singing a dubious playground chant called ‘Zizo Song’ to their father, much to his horror. He calls the kids’ mother and grandmother for help, only to find them absolutely unstirred by Mido and Mado’s rendition! Internet so broken right now.        

(Photo: CNN)


امسخرة هتموت من الضحك اغنية للثنائى خالد و شادى جزء من حلقة اليوم من snl بالعربى

Posted by on Saturday, February 27, 2016