Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Video: Sharmoofers' Hilarious New Single Jokes About the Rise of Social Media 'Influencers'

In Sharmoofers' latest satirical music video for their new single, Zombie, the band takes on the advent of the social media influencer in the funniest way possible...

Staff Writer

We are not alone in not quite understanding what exactly an influencer is or how they came to be; Sharmoofers share our confusion as to what exactly famous people from the internet do. The band’s latest single, Zombie, is all about pseudo celebrities of the World Wide Web and their social media antics, like taking gorgeous selfies all day, every day just for the hell of it. The video starts out asking about what it takes to become one of these exalted 'influencers' and then spends four minutes just taking a jab at social media in general and how absurdly attached people have become to their techie devices. It also happens to feature influencers such as Ismail Kassem, Sundos Al Ayoub, Moe Hadary, and Amina Khalil. Check it out below. 

You can check out Sharmoofers' Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @sharmoofers_official.