Thursday June 8th, 2023
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Video: This Egyptian Professor Is the US Government’s Only Provider of Marijuana

John Oliver talks about the University of Mississippi's 'Marijuana Project', which, conveniently, happens to be directed by Egyptian Professor Mahmoud El-Sohly.

Staff Writer

Sunday night, the main segment of John Oliver's show Last Week Tonight discussed the use of Marijuana in the US and how federal law prohibits all cannabis-derived products, which clashes with laws in some states that may allow it for medical and research purposes for example. During the show, Oliver revealed that the only place in the US where it's federally legal to grow marijuana is the University of Mississippi's Marijuana Project, headed and directed by Egyptian Pharmaceutics Professor Mahmoud El-Sohly.

Researchers seeking to conduct studies on marijuana in the US can only do so with that project and with El-Sohly's permission. The Egyptian professor graduated with a bachelor degree in pharmacy from Cairo University, from which he also obtained a master's degree. He went on to obtain a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh. He was then appointed Professor of Pharmaceutics in the University of Mississipi, followed by a later appointment as Research Professor in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He was finally appointed in his current position as the head of the Marijuana Project.

Watch the Last Week Tonight segment below:

Dr Mahmoud El-Sohly is bound to be a role model for Egypt's youth after he combined two of this generation's biggest dreams; moving abroad and having unlimited legal access to Bob Marley-quality marijuana, Kudos.

Photo: Associated Press