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Video: Two Egyptians Starlets Kiss, Internet Flips

Veteran screen stars Suhair Ramzi and Sabreen have some backlash on their hands as a video of their kiss has the internet ablaze.

When celebrities fade from the starlight they tend to try to do something shocking to gain headlines. When Madonna was in a lull, she decided to perform at an award show ending it with a big kiss on Britney’s lips. It’s been a decade since then and plenty of copy cats have emerged. However, despite its commonality in the rest world, it still seems bizarre for Arabs when a video emerged of Egyptian veteran starlets Sabreen and Suhair Ramzi locking lips.

Social media was buzzing on Tuesday when their innocent smooch went viral on the internet. Although the sight of two women kissing is really nothing special, plenty of people took exception because they were both wearing Islamic hijabs, resulting in a variety of immorality accusations.

Looking to address the haters Sabreen tells Laha Magazine “I only have one question: is it haram (forbidden) for me to kiss Suhair Ramzi? The answer, of course, is no! Therefore, my second question is, why all the fuss? Some websites have misused the video and made fun of it. Has our country run out of problems now? Is our kiss the only thing left to talk about? It's so bizarre, and I pray to God for those people's guidance." Clearly this isn’t one but rather four questions, and frankly we agree. This kiss is no big deal. However, in a conservative society like Egypt's, one should come to expect that people will blow anything up into big deal.

Here’s how twitter reacted:

What do you mean Suhair and Sabrin are lesbians?! That's like ruining the lesbians reputation.

Public prostitution and adultery between Suhair and Sabreen. I feel sorry for the hijab on top of their heads.

Walahy the kiss between them is nice. Why are people so mad about it?

Suhair and Sabreen are disgusting. I am cringing.